Name: Michelle Goetz
Age: 15
Location:Rhode Island, USA
Marital Status: Married   = )
Fave Music: METAL!!!!

This section is entirely dedicated to the most wonderful girl to ever grace the Internet: My love, Michelle.
We have been "married" for ONE MONTH!!!! = )  She's the greatest girl I have ever talked to on the net. Not only is she pretty, she's funny, charming, a great adviser, and she has a GREAT TASTE FOR MUSIC!!! Ozzy forever!!! .oO( Not to mention TON...)
I talked to her for the first time on Yahoo! Chat, and from that day on we made our friendship grow.Then we were married by my best online friend Staale, and we have had a nice relationship since then.I DO LOVE HER A LOT, and I really wish I could be near her to have a real relationship.
Michelle, I know you'll be reading this sooner or later, so I want to show you with a few words how special you are to me.I hope we'll keep our relationship going as it has until now.