This is me

   Well, to whoever is reading this (I suposse you're readig this 
because you care), here's a little about myself.

   I am a 17 years old Costa Rican living in Miami.I moved here 
nearly three months ago,and I have passed through very diffucult 
moments in my life.I had to leave everything I had in my old town...
   To me, the most important thing in my life is friendship, 
so the first month or so I was really depressed.I felt really bad 
because I missed my friends too much ( I still miss them a lot).Then
I started to meet people here on the Net,and they turned out to be
really cool persons.I have to give really special thanks to Staale,
because he's the one who helped me go through every difficult moment
since I met him.

   Here's some info about myself:

   Full name : Ricardo Daniel Araya Munoz

   Hair color: Black

   Eye color : Dark Brown

   School: Miami Southridge Senior Highschool

   Best friends: Johan, Kattia, Greivin, Daniel, Christian, Staale

   Best online friends: CreepZero (Staale), Ozzyfreak666 (Michelle),
EternalE2 (Dan), (well, he is no longer an 
online friend since he cannot be online anymore, but a real friend...), 
_I_am_who_I_am_(Jessica), Peter_Steele_Type_0_Negative (Stan), 
Steele_6917 (Cullen), Oreo_my_cat (Laurin), Funkjunkie (Eric), 
METALFRK (Matt), LunatiCKManson (Heather), 
Voodoo666 (Drea), F'farmer (Angela), Adidasclown (Jeffrey), 
Spiders_on_her_shoes (Adrienne), Araya213 (Aaron), 
Roaring_Machine (Max), SmileyGuju (Sheetal), Xsanos (Christopher), 
Them_bones (Lance), Superpredator (Allan), Evil_babe (Kim), 
W_E_I_R_D (Lynsey), MajerleDwr (Spencer), Train_of_Consequences(Stacy), 
A_rose_in_winter (Jennifer), Fergal_lawlor (Steve), 
Spideranselmo (Amanda), Purplekoolaid (Maureen), 
Coal_Chamber_Girl (Kensey), Oasis_75 (Jonathan), Nookie (Anouk),  
Typeowoman (Dawn),Doll_face (Kendra), Empire_Records (Misty), 
Gruvyboy (Chris), DarkStar (Jake), Freakshow6 (Jorge).......
...I'm sure there are a lot more...I can't remember them all!!!

   Things I like to do: Listen to music, play videogames, swim, use 
the computer.

   Things I collect: Letters..I keep all my letters...

   Coolest experience in life: Moving here to the US

   Stupidest thing I have ever one: Moving here to the US...I miss my
old friends...

   Special skills or talents: I'm a good swimmer, videogame player,
Some people say I'm good expressing myself and telling what I feel, 
drawing...I'm not good really, but I like to do it...

   Song that couldn't be improved: Wolf Moon - Type O Negative

   What I want to be: As of now I'm not sure...Anything that has to 
see with computers would be great. : )

   Future goals : Meet again with my old friends.

   Fave color: Blue, black.

   Fave food: EVERYTHING!!!

   Least fave food: Anything with garlic...ughh..

   Funniest person I know: Greivin, Johan, Adrienne.
   Fave vacationing spot: Costa Rica!
   Fave sport: swimming.

   Fave movie: Titanic.

   Fave animal: Snake.

   Fave day: Friday.

   Fave month: October (Rust?)
   Fave places to shop: Best Buy, any CD or videogame shops...

   Fave thing to wear: Well,when I'm at home I only wear my boxers...
when outside I just wear jeans and a t shirt....most of the times....

   The one online person I have a crush on: MICHELLE, MY SWEETY!!!! 

   Well,that's about it I think...I hope now you know what you wanted
to know about me...hehe...that is...if you really want to know 
something about me...lol...I doubt you do!

   I started building this page on May 20th, and I found a way to be
busy with it.I update it as often as I get some new idea to put in
it.You if you have any suggestions, please e mail me. 

E-mail me at: