Look Deeper...

I reach deep into the dark caverns of my brain to find there is nothing left... an empty space where used to grow knowledge and dreams... a void to be filled with nothing but blank space... where is this place i find myself all alone... nobody to hear my cries of pain and sorrow... a dreary echo of the screams that fill my inner mind... I am but a silenced child wandering through the depths of my own hell... nobody to talk to or share my feelings... looking for happiness only to find pain... looking for love only to find hate... will there ever be an end to this emptiness... reaching for the one thing i know will never be there... truth... happiness... love... so i keep reaching farther into my thoughts... someday...

The poem above was written by my good friend Jeffrey. It is dark, but very true...it is just what life offers us sometimes, and even so it's a little negative..it's the true..and truth often hurts...


Dark stretches out before me,
the black long empty road.
I journey on,
afraid and alone
The road wears on.

I wander in desolation
no one to care, no one to hold.
The road wears on.

I cry my silent tears for comfort,
I cling to myself for protection,
I cry out for help but no one hears.
The road wears on.

Shrouded by blackness,
life fades away.
Screams in my head,
must now end. 
Seperated and betrayed.
To alone.....don't care to move on,
The road ends.

UNTITLED Papers lie scattered all around A white page stares up at me And laughs histerically. An empty mind, What is there to say? Pencil scratches on paper, It is all crap anyway, Another dirty sheet to add to the pile. Why do I waste my time On this nonsense?

The poems above were both written by my great friend Michelle. She sent them to me via e mail, and I decided that I would share them with whoever comes to this section of my Domain...after all, you're in this section to see peoms, aren't you? Well, These are cool, so enjoy them!

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