This is Michelle. She's one of the best girls I've ever met on a chat room, and she's also one of my best online friends. Isn't she pretty? Well, at least I think so, and that's all that matters to me... She is an OZZY OSBOURNE FAN...she REALLY is....fortunately, she loves Type O Negative, too, so as you can see, she's got a great taste for music...If you ever get to meet her, you'll agree that she's a cool chick...


Max, better known as Roaring Machine.He's 20 years old, and lives in Moscow, Russia. He has a HUGE knowledge of music. His fave band is Faith No More, followed by Strapping Young Lad. He is a good online friend of mine, and we get to talk somewhat often thanks to ICQ. He is the one who made me see commercial bands are not worth my bucks!!! Same old stuff is not worth our money!!!

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