This section is entirely dedicated to my beutiful "wife", Michelle. She's the greatest girl I have ever talked to on the net. I met her some time ago in a chat room, and we became great friends since then. Our frindship has grown a lot since we first met, so much that we decided to get "cyber married".Funny, huh?
Not only is she pretty, she's funny, charming, a great adviser, and she has a GREAT taste for music!!!! Ozzy kicks ass!!! So does Type O Negative!!!
Michelle, I know you'll be reading this sooner or later, so I want to show you how much you mean to me, with a few words.I do really hope we'll keep our relationship going as it has so far.Keep that great way to deal with people, you are just wonderful. I can only wish to someday be able to meet you personally, that would be so great!!!
*gives you a Bloody Kiss*
*will always Love you to Death*
Luv ya!!!!

Name: Michelle Goetz

Age: 15

Location: Rhode Island, USA

Marital Status: Married...= )

Fave Music: METAL!!!!!

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