DanONegative's Domain

Welcome everyone to my Domain.
Here you will find stuff 
about myself, my fave bands,
my friends, drawings, poems...
I tried to put all those 
little things I think are cool.
I started building it on 
May 20th, almost a year ago!
I haven't touched this thing 
for a reeaaaalllyyy long time
but oh well it's not like I have
a lot of time to work on it or 
There's not as much stuff as 
I would like it to have, but
I don't really get my lazy ass
online too often to update it.
Ok well anyway, this page is 
dedicated to all my friends...
online and real life ones,
so if you are one of them... 
Enjoy! You're one of the 
reasons why this page exists...
well, you are free to explore 
my Domain as much as you want...

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   Above is my pic...well...kinda..heh heh! but if you wanna
 see a pic of me....a real pic, then go to my "This is me" 
Well, here's also a little info about myself,in case 
you want to know...
   My name is Daniel,but most people on the net call me 
just Dan.I'm 17 years old,and I've been living in 
Miami for a little more than a year now.
   I spend a lot of time listening to music.My taste 
for it is each time growing wider..right now my fave 
band is Type O Negative,but I enjoy listening to punk,
metal and alternative. 

   Other things I like to do are:playing videogames,
swimming,hang out with friends,talk to all my online 
   Well, you can read more about me in the "this is me"
section below...or you can click on the drawing above...

Check out all this stuff!!!

This is me
Read a little about myself...WARNING: It contains pics of myself...don't blame me if you get scared...
Some of my online friends
My page would be nothing without all this people
My country of origin
Wanna know something about the place where I used to live?Take a look at this!
My best friends
Here are all my best friends from my country of origin.It still doesn't include pictures, but they are on their way...
My fave bands
Check out my taste for music
My fave band: Type O Negative
Includes lyrics,pics and some more...
Drawings by my friends
Check out the Clark brothers drawings! They're amazing!!
Poems by my friends
The poems here are out of the minds of some of my friends...check 'em out!
My fave links
Check out my fav places on the net!
View my old guestbook
I did't want to remove my old guestbook, so you can take a look at it....
Contact me
Wanna find me? You might find the information you need here
View-sign my NEW guestbook!!!
Please!!! I am just starting this GB, so if you have some time, SIGN IT!!!
My answering machine
Leave me a message if you want...