Well,here are all the persons I thank,no matter the reason...
MY FAMILY: For being there for me all my life,and for bringing me a 
place to live and food...(that's saying A LOT)

JOHAN: My best friend,for all the moments you were there for me,and
for being someone I could talk to.I wish we could still be together,
I hope we will meet again soon.I'll never forget you.

STAALE: My best online friend (one of my real ones,too) for all the
encouragment words, for knowing what to tell me when I need it the 
most, for being there for me whenever I need to talk to a TRUE friend,
for all the advices you gave me in the most important moments of my 
life. Thank you'll always be the best!

GREIVIN: For all the cool moments we shared while I was still in Costa
Rica, for understanding me when I'm in my "bad mood" moments, for 
making me smile when I feel bad...Distance will not make me forget 

KATTIA: My best female friend, the coolest girl I've ever met, thank
you for telling me what you felt toward me in the most important 
moment of my life, for the time we spent together, for the feelings
we shared, and for keeping in touch now that we're far away from each
other. I'll never change my mind about how much I love and miss you.

DANIEL: For telling me when I was wrong, for helping me to become
a more responsible person, for our friendship, which will never be
forgotten, for all the funny moments we had, and for all the advices
you gave me.

CHRISTIAN: For being the person he is,and for understanding me for
what I am.For the long talks we had when any of us had something to 
say, for listening and for letting me listen...thank you.


STAN: For being the cool guy he is, and for listening to me, for 
making me laugh ( a good laugh is always good for me).

JESSICA: For all the times we have talked about life and friendship,
and for trying to make me see the real meaning of life...I can be
very blind sometimes...

AARON: For being so damn funny, helpful, and for being someone I can 
talk to all the time.You always save me when I'm bored,Aaron!Really!
Oh,well,thanks for being who you are,you are one of the best persons
I've ever met over the net...

JEFFREY: For being such a funny guy!!! You really know how to mix
fun and true friendship, you have been there when I need someone to 
talk with, you deserve the best, bud!

ERIC: For being someone I can talk and trust, for taking your time to
talk with me when I ask you to.

AMANDA: For being so damn funny!!! For listening to me when I'm so
bored using ICQ...

This are all the people I can remember for now...I'm sure there are a
lot left,so if you don't see your name here and you think you deserve
to be in my list, DON'T BLAME ME!!! I don't have a good memory...I'll
try to add everyone who deserves it...

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