This section is dedicated to all that people I have shared so many things with.They are not many,but they are TRUE,and that's what counts.This is my advice: It is better to have ONE TRUE friend than a thousand fake ones.That's what I feel,and that's why I made this section,to show you how much I care and how glad am I to have you all as my friends.I hope this will be a good example of how much I appreciate you,and how much I miss you,the ones that are far away from me.Neither time nor distance will make me forget you all,and here's why:


My best friend,the one that made me feel good everytime,the one who knew how to make me smile,the one whose words were always the right, at the right time,the one with who I spent the best moments of my life.You were there when I needed you the most,in the most important moments of my life...You encouraged me in my difficult moments,and ejoyed with me the funny ones.I would really like to be able to see you again,but that won't be in a long time,so the only thing I can say is that I will never forget you and everything you did for me.

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