Type O Negative is my fav band right now.If you haven't heard of them, then I really recommend you to get one of their CDs.Which one doesn't really matter,they're all good, but if you want to listen the best Type O, then pick up their album "Bloody Kisses". It is really amazing. This album has two versions... one of them is a special edition. If you get the chance, try to get that one. How do I know which one is the special? Well, you'll know when looking at the cover. In the normal one, There are two woman (lesbians)and they are very close to each other. The special edition has the same women...the difference is that in this one, they are kissing each other... Another difference is the box, the special one doesn't come in the normal CD box. That's the way you can tell which one is the special one... It comes with one previously unreleased song, it is called "Suspended in Dusk". The other albums are great,too,so check them out if you haven't already. OK,here's what I know about the next album: Peter Steele said they'll release it "until it is ready", which probably won't be until early '99. He thinks they could have done a better job on October Rust, because they were being pressed to get it out. He also thinks the next album could be the last one (Noooooooooo!!!!),so he wants to do what he wishes on it. Well, that's all I know about it...I'll try to find out more about it, so stay tuned...

For the pleasure of all TON fans,here are the lyrics to their albums. Here you also got some pics.....enjoy!

TON stuff!!!

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Type O Negative pictures
Slow, Deep and Hard's lyrics
Check out the early, violent TON days...
Origin of the Feces' lyrics
Just like Slow Deep and Hard...
Bloody Kisses' lyrics
A personal fave...check it out!
October Rust's lyrics
These ones are great, too!
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